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Client Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions come into effect as a result of the placement of a supply teacher, introduced by Professional Supply Service, at the client’s educational institution.

  1. The client will pay charges agreed at the time of booking. Standard daily rates are £180 + V.A.T. unless any special offers are effective. Any additional charges such as travelling and accommodation will also be agreed at this time.
  2. Clients will be invoiced weekly with balances payable by the date stated.
  3. Deduction for PAYE and National Insurance contributions will be made by Professional Supply Service.
  4. If a supply teacher should become directly employed by the client within the last six months of being employed by Professional Supply Service at the client’s educational institution then an introduction fee of £2500.00 is to be made payable to Professional Supply Service. This fee is also payable by the client if he/she should introduce the supply teacher to any other person.
  5. Professional Supply Service makes every effort to ensure client satisfaction when employing a supply teacher, however, no liability will be accepted by Professional Supply Services for any loss, damage or expense that may arise from the actions of the supply teacher.
  6. The supervision of supply teachers is the responsibility of the client. If however, the client is dissatisfied with the standards shown by the Supply Teacher then the client may terminate the placement. Only those hours worked by the supply teacher will be charged to the client.
  7. Supply teachers act under the direction of the client for the duration of the placement. It is also the responsibility of the client to undertake the same level of care for the supply teacher as is taken for all our teachers employed by educational institutions. In addition, all applicable laws will also apply to the supply teacher with the exception of the paid annual leave and health assessment requirements under those regulations.
  8. All supply teachers employed by Professional Supply Service are covered by public liability insurance.
  9. These Terms and Conditions may only be amended with the written consent of a director of Professional Supply Services.