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Welcome to Professional Supply Service


Supply Teachers...

We welcome the opportunity to join us whether you are newly qualified, early retired, retired or have just given up a contract post in order to take on a more flexible approach to your teaching career.

Professional Supply Service is a leading supply teacher agency. Schools have come to rely on our ability to supply the best teachers.

By becoming a supply teacher you would be joining an ever increasing number of professionals enjoying the freedom and flexibility of this style of career, therefore we can help you find work suited to your individual needs on a day-to-day basis.

We have a register of teachers who recognise that we are committed to high professional standards, support for our teachers and top professional rates of pay.
Professional Supply Service is committed to providing the best quality supply teachers to schools. At the same time we ensure the best possible pay and conditions.

We know that you are our most valuable asset and that our reputation in schools is in your hands and therefore expect a high level of professionalism and commitment from you. In return we provide a quality service for you, the supply teacher.


  • Concentration on teaching and learning
  • Flexibility and responsiveness    
  • Good subject knowledge 
  • Ability to meet National Curriculum requirements and provide continuity    
  • Meticulous attention to preparation and marking
  • Good classroom management skills            
  • Ability to relate to pupils and staff
  • Exemplary attendance and punctuality

    In return...

  • Suitable placements
  • Top rates of pay
  • Feedback on your performance
  • Assistance in securing a permanent position, if required